Brough Lodge: a remarkable site on the Shetland island of Fetlar Brough Lodge

Wind and water tight repair: progress report 31st March 2012

3rd April 2012

The contractor, the Shetland Amenity Trust,  started in October 2011 to set up the site. 
A signboard  with details of all involved in the project was put up at the site driveway entry. The pictures were taken late December, at 1pm (sunset then at 2:30pm).
First a temporary metal roof was installed under the main roof (with is  right now pitched and shall be redone as flat roof with crenellation). This to allow to work underneath independently of the weather condition.
The existing flat roof including all beams was removed and a new structure put into place to support lead sheeting. Then the smaller roof on the wing facing the driveway was taken down, for complete replacement as well.
The pictures were taken end of March 2012. The inside pictures  show the new wooden structure for the flat roof, underneath and above.

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