Brough Lodge: a remarkable site on the Shetland island of Fetlar Brough Lodge

Brough Lodge in Photos

The Chapel, Brough LodgeBrough Lodge has attracted a lot of attention since it was built in around 1825. The original Sir Arthur Nicolson who built the complex was influenced by the many and varied architectural styles he found while on a grand tour of Europe in the early 19th century.

It seems likely he borrowed styles from here and there, and even possibly added some ideas of his own, bundling them all up into what became Brough Lodge. The result has been termed "kitch" by at least one observer, but it is usually found to be fascinating and surprisingly interesting to most others who discover it.

When people who are on holiday discover something unusual and interesting, they are most likely to whip out a camera and capture an image for posterity. Over the years many people have "discovered" Brough Lodge, and most of them have photographed it too.

The Tower, Brough Lodge Zoom The Tower, Brough LodgeIn more recent years with the advent of the Internet, and especially with the rise in popularity of social media sites, people have had the ability to share their photographs with others, whether they be friends or strangers, however far removed they may be. is one such photo sharing site, and some of the people who have had the good fortune to hold Brough Lodge in their viewfinder have chosen to share their experiences on Flickr.

The photographs, for the most part, have been taken by gifted amateurs who did so merely for the pure joy of it. You can now share their obvious enthusiasm for the picturesque setting and qualities of Brough Lodge, as well as some of its surrounding areas and curiosities, here:

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