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Invitation to tender for the provision of planning and co-ordination services

Invitation to tender for the provision of planning and co-ordination services

Brough Lodge Trust (“BLT”) oversees the management of the Shetland PeerieMakkers project ("the Project") which seeks to promote the learning and practice of hand-knitting among children and young people.  The Project manages a selected network of volunteer tutors for the teaching of Shetland hand-knitting skills, generally in primary schools within the Shetland Islands.

Brough Lodge Trust wishes to engage a consultant to provide planning and coordination services in support of the Project and of the volunteers involved in it..

The period for the supply of the services would run from 1 September 2017 to 30 June 2018 (“Fixed Term”), with an option for renewal subject to agreement.

Services of no less than 350 hours should be spread during the Fixed Term. A fee of £20 an hour will be paid. Mileage and other expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred in connection with the provision of the services will be reimbursed based on receipts, up to a limit of £1,000 per year. Access to a motor vehicle is essential,, as is possession of a full UK driving licence.

The Schedule below describes the services to be performed by the consultant :

  • liaise with Shetland Islands Council Creative Links Officer and Children’s Services, lead tutors, SPM Working Group and school Head Teachers;
  • recruit volunteers, organise training for volunteers, and ensure that children and volunteers have the necessary materials and equipment; 
  • liaise with staff at Jamieson’s Spinning Ltd to acquire the pupils’ choice of yarn for knitting classes;
  • organise and chair regular meetings of lead tutors
  • issue tutors with expense claim forms and provide guidance on completion;
  • check, review and pay out tutor expenses in a timely fashion; 
  • support individual lead tutors in leading their group as an out-of-school activity, which is outwith the jurisdiction of a head teacher to request changes to any aspect of the SPM Sockbox tuition, or to require that the SPM group take part in school events.
  • ensure the standards and quality of knitting tuition are maintained in accordance with the Sockbox Blueprint, i.e.:
  • That each tutor has been selected and vetted by the Working Group for having a high degree of skills and knowledge in Shetland knitting. 
  • That the tutor is PVG checked and attends the school group  for one hour a week, manages the permanent and annual group resource box,  liaises with parents, and ensures that the maximum number of pupils per group is 12. 
  • That each tutor adopts and manages the expenses of a set of assistant volunteers who are also skilled knitters in order to achieve the ratio of 1 tutor to 5 children. This replicates the traditional method of learning knitting in Shetland from a parent or family member.
  • That the following teaching formula is adhered to: children will learn the basic knitting stitches (garter and purl). They will then move quickly on to working in a tubular form or “in-the-round”, making visual pattern references ,and then working with Fair Isle and lace motifs. 
  • After the child has completed his/her first learning piece, the Sockbox Blueprint will encourage a more child centred approach where the child chooses the article he/she wishes to knit with support from the tutors.
  • Children are encouraged to share their skills with others and to interact with knitters in their communities and at home, when their knitting can be supported at home.
  • be responsible for ensuring that relevant parental permission is in place for pupil and group images for the ShetlandPeerieMakkers Facebook, Instagram and a Newsletter, and that child protection policies are adhered to ;provide support, advice and training through Voluntary Action Shetland to tutors with regard to this issue. An information pack for new Tutors will be updated by the SPM Working Group
  • manage approaches for access to the group and Sockbox from journalists and researchers, referring to the Working Group for guidance and support.    
  • ensure, in consultation with appropriate advisers, that the tutors' arrangement, direction and paperwork  are compliant with their volunteer status and any regulatory requirements  related to their work with children.
  • prepare quarterly activity and budget reports to the SPM Working Group and to other funders as required.
  •  prepare quarterly funding claims and be responsible for day to day budget management of the SPM project; 
  • liaise with funding bodies as required; and 
  • liaise with the Working Group’s Communications and Marketing contact to promote the programme and any good news stories etc.
  • File online with LEADER the quarterly expense report approved by the Working Group of BLT

Personal qualities/features  essential for the consultant :

  • Commitment to young people and creative learning
  • Vision , energy and enthusiasm
  • Self motivation

Relevant experience :

  • Experience of working on projects with variety of stakeholders or creative  individuals, externally funded projects
  • Experience of project and/or curriculum development
  • Experience of developing successful partnership projects
  • Experience of volunteering

Desirable experience :

  • Project Management
  • Budget monitoring

Education :

  • a degree in an appropriate subject may be desirable but not essential if the Consultant has proven management experience 

Skills, abilities and knowledge :

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills, both written and oral
  • Ability to creatively resolve problems
  • ICT skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Basic financial management skills

Offers should be addressed to Brough Lodge Trust and sent via email to latest by June 30th 2017.

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