Brough Lodge: a remarkable site on the Shetland island of Fetlar Brough Lodge

Restoration phase

This phase  began in November 2010 with the appointment of Shetland Amenity Trust as  contractors for Phase 1 of the restoration, to make the building wind and watertight.

Funding was secured from Historic Scotland  ( £ 201,000 ), Shetland Islands Council (£ 140,000) and a donation in kind from Shetland Amenity Trust. Work started September 2011. Late 2012 further major structural repairs were identified by Groves Raines Architects. Thanks to an additional grant from Historic  Scotland ( £ 97,000) all works could be carried out properly with completion of Phase 1 in March 2014.

Progress on Phase 2 will depend on confirmation of a full funding package, after which building work will be completed.

 As part of the Phase 2 restoration procedure, the buildings will be adapted to support a range of activities and allow the use of the property for:

  • Residential courses and activities.
  • Accommodation for short-stay visitors and as a venue for special events or occasions.
  • A permanent (partly virtual) exhibition on the restoration of Brough Lodge and historic buildings in general.

This will require the provision of:

Flexible spaces for seminars, studios, study workshops, events and conferences. In the main building, there will be three rooms on the ground floor and one on the first floor with disabled access.

  • Double bedrooms with en suite bathroom for guests: three on the ground floor including one for disabled persons  and four on the first floor of the main building.
  • One single bedroom with shower on the ground floor for the Study group tutor.
  • Kitchen, laundry and other supporting ancillary accommodation and facilities in the “Haa”.
  • One single bedroom with shower next to the “Haa” for the  Site Manager/Housekeeper.

Schematic drawing showing proposed conversion of main house for mixed use. Zoom Schematic drawing showing proposed conversion of main house for mixed use.

The timing of the final completion of Phase 2 will depend entirely on funding, and we may consider dividing the development into sub-phases.

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